Booking, information and consent form for children attending Holiday Club August 2019.

Please complete one form per child.

You will receive an email confirming your child’s place at holiday club and other useful information.

Additional contact (in case of emergencies)
Whenever medical advice or treatment is needed, the assistance of a GP or A&E Department of a hospital should be sought. The Children Act 1989 allows a doctor to provide any necessary treatment by doing ‘what is reasonable in all the circumstances of the case for the purpose of safeguarding or promoting the child’s welfare’. However, the parent/carer should be contacted and advised of the situation as soon as possible.

I understand:
  • Every effort will be made to contact me as soon as possible should my child become ill or have an accident.
  • My child will be given medical/dental treatment as necessary.
Medical Information

Data protection information

We are collecting this information to enable Trinity Church Scarborough to run the Holiday Club safely and to ensure we can contact you. Data protection legislation allows us to process this information as it is in the legitimate interest of the children and the church.

Information you supply will be keep in a secure folder. Only holiday club leaders will have access to this information.

We may keep your details for the sole purpose of notifying you about future events if you have indicated your permission for this (you can be removed from this list at any time).