Find the eggs and unlock the amazing story of the very first Easter!

Pick your location – the same trail can be found at Peasholm Park and Shuttleworth Gardens (more on locations and where to start your walk below). The trail will be in place from 26th March – 8th April 2021.

Find egg number 1 and scan the QR code on a phone. You’ll see a video of a local detective who is wondering why everyone is eating chocolate eggs… just what is Easter all about?

Keep going on your short walk, spot the different eggs and watch the cast of ‘eye witnesses’ tell the whole amazing story of what Jesus came to do at Easter!

Peasholm Parkstart at the Buttercup Kiosk and go clockwise/right round the big lake.

Shuttleworth Gardens on the Esplanade, South Cliff is a wonderful space with it’s own fairy garden! Start to the right of the entrance gate and keep going clockwise round the gardens.

Extra fun – crack the code!

Each video features a letter. Rearrange them to complete the sentence:

‘Easter is  _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _’

Message the Treehouse Scarborough Facebook page with your answer for your chance to win an Easter gift!

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