Loving God

The God who exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the one we want to know, serve and enjoy. We rejoice that God has preserved his words in the Bible and we are convinced that we hear his voice as the Bible is read and proclaimed.

Our desire is to know more of God’s love, wisdom and plan for our lives.

We look forward to spending eternity with the God who is Trinity and aim to love him more as we wait to be in his presnce forever.

Loving God's people

We believe in salvation that is personal but which isn’t individualistic. By faith we enter into a spiritual family that is united through the blood of Jesus.  We are not alone. We are brothers and sisters, loved by God, and committed to loving each other.

At Trinity Church we aim to encourage, support, correct and provide for one another. We love worshipping God as we gather and are committed to caring for each other as the Lord scatters us into the world to serve his purposes.

Loving God's world

In John 20:21 Jesus says, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” The Son of God left the splendour of heaven to sacrifice his life in order to save a people who will dwell with him forever.

Jesus now sends us into the world to love our community. We do this as we live out his teachings and as we spread the good news of the gospel.